Clean Vision

Our third version exploits to the full the potential offered by producing green hydrogen. Inseanergy Clean Vision can supply a fish farm with completely emission-free electricity.

This solution makes it possible to produce and store energy on-site in the form of green energy, based on using a floating solar power plant. Large quantities of energy can thereby be stored to meet all the fish farm’s requirements year-round.

Green hydrogen is completely emission-free and produced from water through electrolysis using renewable energy.

This process also yields large volumes of oxygen and heat as by-products. We will therefore also look at the commercial opportunities offered by making the fish farm completely self-sufficient in oxygen, fresh water and heat.

These inputs represent attractive by-products from emission-free electricity generation in areas with limited or no infrastructure in the form of roads, ports and power grid .

Oxygen and heat derive from the electrolysis process used to produce hydrogen and the fuel cells which generate electricity from the gas. Hydrogen production calls for an adequate supply of fresh water, which can be obtained through desalination and stored in a fresh-water basin.

In addition to providing self-sufficiency, Inseanergy Clean Vision can supply other parts of the value chain with energy and by-products.

Surplus hydrogen (possibly further processed into ammonia) will be saleable as fuel to well boats plus service and processing vessels used for sustainable transport of live, harvested or processed fish, and to other units in related maritime sectors.

Both conventional and not least land-based aquaculture needs oxygen and heat to optimise fish welfare and the production environment for salmon and trout. These outputs could therefore also form part of our future commercialisation.

Plans call for Inseanergy Clean Vision to be introduced in phase 3 of our transformation.

Benefits for the fish farmer

  • Self-sufficient/off grid
  • Reduces noise
  • Zero emissions
  • Improved fish welfare
  • Reduced infection/disease
  • Higher growth rate
  • Lower costs, increased profitability
  • Opportunities for securing new licences
  • Activities classified as sustainable

Industrial partnership

Our industrial partnership has heavyweight expertise with and insight into key issues relating to sustainable fish farming and maritime industries. That is aligned with networks on and knowledge of some of the most innovative solutions being developed for renewable energy, zero-emission energy systems and circular linkages.

On the energy side, this includes a heavyweight network covering hydrogen production, electrolysis, solar power providers, fuel-cell and battery suppliers, and central system integrators, all with the necessary sub-suppliers.

Inseanergy Clean Vision can be delivered directly to fish farmers and/or operated for them as a zero-emission system using hydrogen produced on-site.