Clean Hybrid

Inseanergy Clean Hybrid™ combines solar and hydrogen on the path towards zero-emission energy for aquaculture facilities.

When using renewable energy sources such as solar, waves, or wind to generate emissions-free energy, there will always be periods of low or no electrical power production. By integrating energy storage into the energy system, any excess energy can be stored and used during periods of lower power production.

However, throughout an entire operational year, the power demand must still be balanced with energy production from a stable source that can deliver energy regardless of weather and climate conditions. Diesel generators are typically used today to ensure stability in such energy systems.

We aim to offer a fully-fledged zero-emission energy system that can operate year-round, independently of varying renewable energy production. We plan to achieve this by expanding our floating energy system with an integrated hydrogen fuel cell system on the feeding platform, which can replace the diesel generator as the balancing element in the system.

With this setup, the fuel cell can be supplied with compressed hydrogen delivered from the nearest hydrogen production hub. If the hydrogen used is produced using energy from renewable sources, we would have a complete energy system capable of powering the aquaculture facility throughout all seasons with 100% emissions-free energy.

We refer to this system as Inseanergy Clean Hybrid™.

Benefits for the fish farmer - 100% Emission-Free Energy

Eliminates the use of diesel generators

  • Reduces the need for fuel bunkering
  • Increases service and maintenance intervals for generators
  • Extends the lifespan of generators

No CO2 emissions

  • Lower CO2 footprint per kilogram of farmed fish
  • Improved score on ESG reporting (scope 1)
Improved working conditions at the aquaculture site
  • Better air quality
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Enhanced well-being for employees