Clean Hybrid

Based on the customer’s local requirements and opportunities, we will expand the system to utilise green hydrogen produced from local hubs, such as wind, hydro or solar power facilities, in order to supply a fish farm with wholly emission-free electricity year-round.

Green hydrogen is completely emission-free and produced from water through electrolysis using renewable energy.

Plans call for Inseanergy Clean Hybrid to be introduced in phase 2 of our transformation.

Benefits for the fish farmer

  • Off grid
  • Reduces noise
  • Zero emissions
  • Lower costs, increased profitability
  • Opportunities for securing new licences
  • Activities classified as sustainable

Industrial partnership

Our industrial partnership further develops concepts and new business cases based on SUB Solar. Aims include making fish farms independent of external fossil energy supply, eliminating COemissions and reducing operating costs for floating energy facilities.

Inseanergy Clean Hybrid can be delivered directly to fish farmers and/or operated for them as a zero-emission system using hydrogen supplied from our partners.