Try our calculator to estimate green energy production, reduction in diesel consumption, operating expenses and CO2 emissions for your fish farm!


On the Inseanergy Solar Hybrid™ page, you can easily enter the location of your fish farm and today’s power consumption, and get estimates on how much locally produced energy can be generated, and how much diesel and operating costs can be saved by installing a floating solar power plant from us.

You can choose between two different sizes of solar power plants – 156kWp and 285kWp, and you can also choose whether a battery hybrid is already installed on the feeding barge, or whether the installation of a battery hybrid together with the solar power plant should be included in the calculation.

This way, you can quickly get an estimate of savings, and by contacting our CSO, Egil Hjelmeland, you can get a detailed report on your specific location. Click here to try the calculator.