Ocean Sun and Inseanergy enter a partnership to supply the aquaculture industry with green energy


Following the settlement of a patent dispute earlier this year, Ocean Sun and Inseanergy have entered into a cooperation agreement to supply green energy systems based on Ocean Sun’s floating PV technology to the aquaculture industry worldwide.


“Through extensive testing, validations, and full-scale demonstrators, Ocean Sun has shown that their technology is very well suited to our main market, namely operations in the aquaculture industry. By forging strong partnerships with world-class technology providers, in combination with our competence as a system integrator and our vast network within aquaculture, we can together increase the opportunity to take global green leadership”, says Kari-Elin Hildre, CEO of Inseanergy.

When installing a floating energy system from Inseanergy, you gain access to locally, self-produced emission-free energy, thereby contributing to;

  • reduced CO2 emissions
  • reduced diesel consumption
  • reuse of plastic
  • improved working environment by reducing noise (less use of diesel generators)
  • reduced boat traffic for diesel bunkering


“The aquaculture industry in Norway and abroad has a large need to reduce emissions and Ocean Sun’s floating solar technology is perfectly suited for reducing fossil fuel consumption. Inseanergy is an ideal partner, as a system integrator, and in reaching the large and widespread market internationally. Strategically located in Ålesund, they have a significant client base in the aquaculture industry, and with the outward-looking and business-oriented view that a “Sunnmøring” is known for, they also have a global perspective on everything they do.” says Børge Bjørneklett, CEO of Ocean Sun.

About Inseanergy


Inseanergy is a cleantech company that develops and delivers green energy systems to the global aquaculture industry. The company was started in May 2020, and currently has 9 employees. The company’s head office is located in Aalesund, Norway.


About Ocean Sun

By combining Norwegian maritime expertise and knowledge within photovoltaics, Ocean Sun has developed an innovation that offers a bold solution to our global energy needs. The patented technology is based on solar modules mounted on hydro-elastic membranes and offers cost and performance benefits not seen in any other floating PV system today. With offices in Oslo, Singapore, and Shanghai, Ocean Sun aims to become the world’s leading technology provider of floating solar.


For further details, please contact:

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