REFUEL – Infrastructure for low and zero-emission solutions in coastal shipping


In the REFUEL project, research, industry, and government institutions have joined forces to make low-carbon and zero-emission solutions a realistic option for the coastal fleet. Refueling stations for these fuels are not yet available. Converting vessels from fossil fuels to zero-emission or low-carbon fuels is therefore not possible without simultaneously establishing a system for reliable and efficient refueling and charging services.

In this project, a conceptual plan for a sustainable, green energy supply chain along the coast will be developed. This includes recommendations for the location, design, and content of modular green energy stations. The implementation of retrofitted multi-fuel systems on board coastal vessels will also be examined. By making green energy available to fishing vessels, aquaculture vessels, passenger boats, bulk carriers, and other cargo vessels, the project aims to help achieve Norway’s emissions reduction goals by 2030 and 2050.

The project aims to make knowledge and technology about alternative fuels available to other industries and the public, thereby accelerating the transition to renewable energy for society as a whole. Recommendations for the development of low-carbon and zero-emission fuel infrastructure will be communicated from the project to public agencies and decision-makers. Although the project focuses on coastal shipping in Norway, the results of the project will also be applicable to coastal infrastructure worldwide.

9 Norwegian maritime companies covering the entire value chain are active partners in the project: Corvus, Frøy ASA, HPS – Haf Power Solutions, Hofseth International, Inseanergy, Norwegian Coastal Administration, Nogva Motorfabrikk, Norwegian Hydrogen, ÅKP – GCE Blue Maritime Cluster. NTNU Ålesund is the project leader. Two Ph.D. candidates will be trained during the project period from 2023 to 2027. The project is currently seeking potential candidates for these positions, as well as a Postdoc/researcher position.