Inseanergy – an exciting company with great potential


CEO, Kari-Elin Hildre, was very proud to showcase the solar power plant SUB Solar to Inseanergy’s mentors from the growth program Ocean of Opportunities. The facility is located in beautiful surroundings at Hofseth’s facility in Storfjorden in Sunnmøre.

Tarald Kleppa Øvrebø, prosjektleder Blue Planet

“What we strive for through Ocean of Opportunities is that we tailor programs to each company, and we do that by connecting with dedicated, resourceful mentors. For Inseanergy’s part, they have got Endre Sæther and Vibecke Bondø as their mentors, and they represent both a large knowledge base, but also a large network

Endre Sæter, Business Development Manager Cargill

I have worked in the aquaculture industry for 30 years and have been out at numerous facilities. In other words, I had not envisaged a solution like this in relation to providing green energy on the feed barges. When I saw this here, I was very impressed.

The green shift is very interesting for many investors. They are looking for the good green companies, because it is an investment area that will grow by virtue of the green shift, and therefore something like this should be very interesting for many investors.”

Vibecke Bondø, Board Director NTS

Ocean of Opportunities is a development program, a great program for start-ups or Scale Ups that have come a little further, are not only completely newly started, but that have shown that you have a product and are ready to reach the market.

Inseanergy is an incredibly exciting company, and one with a very large potential, and very much in time. We have a shortage of energy.

I feel fortunate to be allowed to mentor a
such company”. 

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The investment opportunity summarized:

  • Strong core team and strategic partners with execution capability
  • High focus on growth, nationally and internationally
  • A green system supplier to an important industry in strong growth
  • Product portfolio that will minimize and eventually eliminate fossil fuels
  • Solutions with major environmental and economic benefits for the customer
  • System that is scalable and mobile
  • Significant market potential in Norway and worldwide
  • Technology applicable in many applications and multiple markets