Meet our COO


Playing together in tune creates everyday harmony

Kari-Elin Hildre is accustomed to playing a big instrument in an orchestra. As chief operating officer for Inseanergy, she has also acquired a key role in creating entirely new rhythms for the aquaculture sector.

Many years of experience from Kongsberg Maritime, where she was responsible as vice president projects for the supply chain, projects and associated functions, provide her with secure backing in this new position.

What will be your most important job as Inseanergy’s COO?
It’ll be to ensure that we’re rigged in the best possible way to reach the targets we’ve set for ourselves. That includes establishing a supply chain which delivers at the right cost, time and level of quality.

Good processes will support a secure and efficient execution model. We’re already a fine team, and I’m looking forward to creating a good environment in an excellent workplace. 

What attracted you to this job?
It offers a unique opportunity to participate in developing a company from an early stage and to establish the framework for Inseanergy’s operations model.

Another important reason is that this company will allow me to help provide the aquaculture sector with the opportunity to use clean or green energy. Creating something which yields a directly positive climate effect is very motivating.

What gives you job satisfaction?
I’ve always looked forward to going to work, because I’ve always had good colleagues around me. It’s the same here. Success in meeting the goals we’ve set together with our suppliers and customers creates a good feeling in the team and provides job satisfaction.

How do you like spending your free time?
I really love music. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to play the trombone in a several big bands, and that’s obviously one of the most enjoyable activities I know. I also go to concerts as often as my time allows, and so long as the musicians on stage are good I can enjoy many different genres.

I also lead the Brattvåg school marching band, which currently has about 60 members. It’s important to contribute to the local community in order to create positive activity where you live.

What gives you positive energy?
Family, friends, music, hiking in the mountains and pleasure-boating.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming year?
In addition to getting well-acquainted with colleagues, customers and suppliers, I’m looking forward to contributing my expertise on the journey to commercialising a fantastic product.

Have you taken any steps in your private life which could help to reduce climate change?
We prefer to buy short-distance food where possible. Apart from a more positive footprint, such raw materials are often also very good quality. Waste sorting has become a standard for most households, including ours. We drive a hybrid, but are planning to shift to all-electric next time we change our car.