Meet our CFO


Joining the journey to green aquaculture

As newly appointed CFO of Inseanergy, Per Einar Storhaug is already at work building up the company with CEO Jan Erik Våge Klepp. He knows this journey will be exciting and demanding, but also very rewarding. His goal is to ensure that a commitment to renewable energy pays off.

Storhaug was previously CFO at local newspaper Sunnmørsposten, owned by Polaris Media ASA, and became Inseanergy’s second employee after Våge Klepp. Alongside several new colleagues, they will now be developing the company in step with the rapid progress of renewable energy solutions for ocean-based industries.

Why did you want to be CFO at Inseanergy?
This is a company in an early phase, with a substantial potential in both technological and market terms. Aquaculture is an exciting and forward-looking sector.

Contributing to building a company, a structure and a corporate culture helps to develop me personally. Being part of a team which comprises able colleagues and strategic partners who are contributing to a greener aquaculture sector is stimulating and very motivating.

What’s it like moving from an established group to a start-up company?
Working in a start-up is obviously very different from being in a large, well-established group. You have to take on rather more roles when you’re building a company from the ground up, but we’re putting a fine bunch in place who’ll be doing the job as a team.

Why do you believe Inseanergy will succeed?
We’re building a core team with complementary expertise and expertise, and have good prospects of becoming a trendsetter in the market for green energy.

In addition, we’re collaborating with many able and qualified players in the aquaculture sector who want to head in the same direction as us.

Given the big demands for sustainability nationally and internationally, the timing for our solutions is very favourable. We and our partners have the potential to deliver on the UN’s sustainable development goals in social, economic and environmental terms. I know this journey is going to be exciting, demanding and rewarding.

What creates satisfaction for you at work and play?
A vigorous and open environment, with able and exciting colleagues and contacts.

I’m a typical outdoor person who thrives unusually well both in the mountains and out at sea. I’m looking forward to being able to take long trips again, preferably together with family and friends.

Have you taken any “sustainability steps” in your private life?
We’ve expanded our waste sorting, and are reusing things which perhaps only need a coat of paint to look like new. The next time we change our car, the choice will be an electric or hybrid model.

What makes you optimistic about the future?
I’m positive by nature, and like there to be thrust and drive. It’s good to see that the young generation is environmentally aware, and has both energy and creativity. I think these are important factors in creating healthy and sustainable progress.