Meet our CEO


Faith in green energy for aquaculture

Jan Erik Vaage Klepp was one of the founders of the Inseanergy start-up and, in his capacity as CEO, is now in the process of a building up a core team to develop renewable energy solutions and handle forthcoming deliveries to the aquaculture sector.
Vaage Klepp left a good and secure job to make a commitment to a green future. He has never been more certain that this was the right decision.

What persuaded you to leave a good and secure job to make a commitment to Inseanergy?
This was a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to help start up a new company and to build it up from nothing. I’m energised by the chance to create a workplace which all its employees can be proud of, and which will create value for both company and owner.

Why are you confident the company’s going to succeed?
We have a good idea, which I think the market wants, and the timing is right in the green transition which we’re now in the middle of. We’re developing a product and a system which offers a direct financial benefit to our customers while also reducing their environmental footprint by cutting CO2 emissions and reusing components.

What’s it like to be a company founder?
It’s an interesting existence. You’re going to develop an idea from being just that into something which confers customer value while also ensuring that the company will eventually be able to deliver products and services to the market. That calls for capital, expertise, capacity and partners in the value chain.

At the same time, you’ve got to put together an organisation with the right type of people, who’re going to be working towards the same goals. Finally, you must have customers who want to use what your company’s offering, so that it proves viable.

What drives you?
I draw energy and drive from working with other people to reach common goals. Being challenged on a daily basis by different issues makes every working day unique and exciting.

What personal qualities have you found good use for over the past year?
Patience and the ability to think big, at the same time as you need to be realistic about progressing activities when the organisation has limited capacity.

What are you looking forward to most over the coming year?
I’m looking forward most of all to moving into newly renovated premises together with my colleagues so that we can build a team and a corporate culture. And naturally to when we can start deliveries to customers in order to realise our ambitious growth plans.

What do you do when you’re not at work?
I try to relax together with my family and perhaps do practical things which force my brain to concentrate on other jobs.

What has the past year taught you?
That we humans are adaptable. The pandemic has made us less mobile, but all the more digitally available through Teams, Zoom and other virtual communication platforms.

Are you optimistic about the future?
Yes. I believe we humans are sufficiently intelligent to succeed in overcoming the big challenges facing society in terms of the climate issue and pollution. But that requires us to pay sufficient attention, and for the government to make provision for innovation and creativity.